Band of Brothers

Daniel and Riley get stuck in Bastogne.

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Riley's new Res poster
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Episode 4 Pre-Show

District 9

Daniel and Riley put some prawns on the barbie!

District 9
Neill Blomkamp
The Other
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Episode 2 Pre-Show

Collection 2 Intro

Learn about the new set of episodes with Riley and Daniel!

Episode 1 Pre-Show
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A Way Out

Daniel and Riley make it out.

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Stick Arena
Divided we Fall
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Riley and Daniel might make it out.

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Fight Club 2

Daniel and Riley talk about their repressed rage.

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Fight Club on Wikipedia
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Antz and A Bug's Life

Riley and Daniel don't like Antz.

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Mr. Robot

This episode will hack you. Daniel and Riley stick it to the man.

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Gamecube Meets Res
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Leviathan Wakes

Are zombies dead? Riley and Daniel get lost in space again.

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God of War

Boy: listen to this episode.

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The Drunkard's Walk

Walking in a straight line is hard sometimes! Riley and Daniel discuss what the universe is willing to throw at them.

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Dark Souls

The darkest of souls. Daniel and Riley explain themselves.

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Don't watch Gravity in the dark. Riley and Daniel struggle to survive the harsh vacuum of space.

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The Secret of Monkey Island

Daniel and Riley introduce themselves the only way they know how: with a rowdy "AHOY" and a few chuckles.

Mark Brown Introduction
Innuendo Studios Summary
Zolis11 Speedrun
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